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New publication : TURKISH AND OTTOMAN STUDIES, Volume : IV

PUBL.- TURKISH AND OTTOMAN STUDIES, Volume : IV, Editor : Ruben Safrastyan, Yerevan : Institute of Oriental Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, 2006, 292p.

Contents :


Alexander Safaryan Ziya Gokalp on the Turkish women rights (in Armenian) - p.13

Fuat Dündar (Turkey-France) The “Union and Progress” party ethnographic studies (in Armenian) - p.38

Sergey Murtuzaliyev (Russia) Russian literary thought and the 15-17th centuries centres of information on the history of the Ottoman Empire (in Russian) - p.58


Artak Shakaryan Meskhetian Turks : a geopolitical factor in the region (in Russian) - p.73

Vahram Ter-Matevosyan The Kemalist discourse in Turkey between 1960 and 1980 : Challenging the Republican ideology ? (in English) - p.85

Arthur Dumanyan The main phases of activities of the National Action Party (Grey wolves) in Turkey in the 1960-70s (in Armenian) - p. 103

Levon Hovsepyan Turkey’s National Security Council in the context of the recent reforms (in Armenian) - p.114

Anush Hovhannisyan Genocide denial and ethics (Examining in the light of some problems of formation of the Turkish nation-state) (in Armenian) - p.124

Rem Khazandjian Once more discussing the question of signing by Russia the Russian-Turkish treaty of 1921 (under the light of former secret documents from Moscow archives) (in Russian) - p.130

Sahak Aslanyan The international-legal assessment of the Moscow and Kars treaties of 1921 (in Armenian) - p.147

Ruben Karapetyan New developments in the Turkish-Syrian relations (in Armenian) - p.155

Ani Avetisyan Orhan Pamuk and his “Black book” (in Armenian) - p.166

Levon Amirkhanyan From the history of studying of the modern Turkish gerunds (in Armenian) - p.184


Ruben Safrastyan Armenians and Turks : contacts in history from Seldjukides times up to the end of the 19th century (in English) - p.197

Lusine Sahakyan The political repercussions of the forced Islamization of Hamshen Armenians in the Ottoman Empire (in Armenian) - p.207

Arman Kirakosyan 1896 Armenian mission of the American Red Cross (in Armenian) - p.229

Armine Hakobyan Matheus Archbishop Izmirlyan’s second patriarchate (1908-1909) (in Armenian) - p.240

Arsen Avagyan From the preparation period of the 1915 Genocide : Behaeddin Şakir’s visit to the Eastern vilayets (in Armenian) - p.245

Kristine Melkonyan The Armenian question and the Armenian diaspora in 1944-1945 (in Armenian) - p.252

Gnel Ghlechyan The problems of the Ottoman History in the works of Ghukas Inchichyan (in Armenian) - p. 261

Ruben Safrastyan The problems of historiography of the “Kuleli event” : Incorporating Armenian press reports (in Armenian) - p.270


Hasmik Stepanyan A unique and exceptional book about the Armenian painters (in Armenian) - p.278

Artak Shakaryan One more shocking testimony for the genocide of Armenians (in Armenian) - p.283

Ashot Soghomonyan The bibliography of a Turkish historian Erdal İlter on the Turkish-Armenian relations (in Armenian) - p.287

TURKISH AND OTTOMAN STUDIES (TOS) welcomes submissions of articles and book reviews. Please contact the Editor, Ruben Safrastyan, at

Dr. Ruben Safrastyan Director of Institute of Oriental Studies, Armenian National Academy of Sciences

dimanche 18 février 2007,
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