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Letters to the editor in Boston Globe

Journalist’s slaying throws harsh light on Turkish past

January 26, 2007

IT WAS in horror that I read about the slaying of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink (" Editor gunned down in Turkey ," Page A3, Jan. 20). As an American Armenian, whose grandfather lost his parents during the 1915 genocide and at 12 was left to care for his two younger brothers, I will never forget how that tragedy affected my mother, her brothers and sisters, and me. There had been Turks along the way who had assisted my grandfather, and for that he raised my mother to be open to the humanity of Turks but to never forget what the government executed against the Armenian people.

Dink was a voice in a land that has yet to acknowledge publicly and formally that what was perpetrated in 1915 — the mass deportations and killings of tens of thousands of Armenians — was genocide.

As Turkey strives to be admitted to the European Union, let all people throughout the world link arms and stand up for the truth, and honor Hrant Dink by remembering the facts and pressing Turkey to admit to these facts. It is Turkey ’s persistent denial of the truth that foments hatred and allows the violence to continue.


THE TURKISH government is at least partially responsible for the murder of Hrant Dink. The law against offending the Turkish state creates justification for striking out against those mentioning the Armenian genocide. The Turkish government must eliminate such laws and acknowledge the Armenian genocide, thus establishing moral leadership in such matters.

Turkey will not do this alone. The United States must take the lead by unambiguously acknowledging the Armenian genocide and insisting that Turkey do so as well. Only then will Turkish radicals find difficulty in justifying the commission of such atrocities.


dimanche 28 janvier 2007,
Stéphane ©

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