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"Hrant Dink’s Meaningful Life and Conscious Dead" by Verjine Svazlian

January 21, 2007 Yerevan, Armenia

Hrant Dink’s Meaningful Life and Conscious Dead

The Armenian Historiographer of 5th century Yeghishe wrote : “The unconscious dead is dead, the conscious dead is immortality.” These words written on the days of Vardanants battle for preserving Armenian national identity and freedom are totally suitable to describe Hrant Dink’s Meaningful Life and Conscious Dead. He lived as a spreader of ideas of self and national dignity, as an educator and illuminator of abilities to respect the main principles of human and national identity. And he spread the seeds of these general humanitarian ideas in the FURROW (AGOS) that he established, in the land which essentially needs these seeds. He was conscious about what he was doing, what he was speaking and writing, and where he was living, but he was doing that because he can not live otherwise, his national dignity did not let him to act otherwise. So, he was also conscious that he may be martyred as his ancestors. May his martyrdom bring a rebirth of conscious in the land, which he loved much, and the FURROW that he has open become a turning point for that. Peace to his soul and deepest condolences to his lovely family, ideological friends and to our entire nation. Sorrowfully yours,

Verjine Svazlian

Dr. Prof., Leading Researcher Institute of Archaeology & Ethnography, National Academy of Sciences, Armenia Address : 36 Saryan St., Apt. 23 Yerevan 375002 Armenia Tel. : (374-10) 53-60-06 E-mail : Web :

dimanche 21 janvier 2007,
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