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Armenia Solidarity (an independent organisation,formerly known as Wales-Armenia Solidarity) Tel : 07876561398

Dear Friends,

We appeal to you to contact your MP asking him/her kindly to sign both these Early Day Motions in the House of Commons, which have been tabled in response to our request.

They are on the Turkish blockade of Armenia (EDM number 344 ) and on the Genocide,. EDM number 357 (titled Armenia)

There has been sixteen Armenian-related EDMs in the Commons since 1995. Usually only about 30 to 60 sign them. By now, however,taken together, 120 of the present MPs have signed one or more of the EDMs recognising the Armenian Genocide.

If we all contact our MP by e-mail or letter (e-mail adresses of MPs are usually eg

or better still go to the MPs surgery and ask him to sign, they will surely oblige when they realise that these are important issues for us.

The majority of National Assembly of Wales Members did oblige, and signed a statement recognising the Genocide in 2002, and the majority of Welsh MPs did likewise in june of this year simply by asking them.(repeatedly of course)

If you are doing this it would be helpful to inform us at or by phone on 07876561398 (daytime and evening or 01286 871218 (evening only) in order to collate information on the lobbying. We believe all Armenians should be involved in persuading MPs to understand these issues, not a handful of committee members acting on our behalf.

If any of you are willing to co operate by contacting your friends etc to do the same, please let us know.

Many thanks,

Eilian Williams

This appeal is supported by

John Torosyan, Cardiff

Armenag Topalian, Swindon,

Svetlana Hakobyan, Cardiff

Vachik Badalyan, Cardiff

Dr Zaruhi Poghosyan, Cardiff

Dr Ara Nahabedian, Manchester

Nia Griffith (MP for Llanelli) : Blockade of Armenia EDM number : 344

That this House recognises the incompatibility of Turkey’s ongoing thi rteen-year blockade of Armenia with the declared UK, NATO, and EU policy objectives of regional security and prosperity ; is appalled by the fact that Turkey is the only Council of Europe country to engage in a blockade against a fellow member-state ; notes that the blockade has already had a considerable negative impact on Armenian, Turkish and regional development and continues to undermine efforts at international development in the region ; further notes that Armenia is in favour of establishing diplomatic relations with Turkey ; and urges the Turkish Government to lift its blockade and work towards the establishment of diplomatic relations without any preconditions inconsistent with international law or the EU accession criteria.

Spink, Bob : (MP for Castle Point, Essex) Recognition of theArmenian Genocide EDM number : 357

That this House believes that the killing of over a million Armenians in 1915 was an act of genocide ; calls upon the UK Government to recognise it as such ;and believes that it would be in Turkey’s long-term interests to do the same.

mercredi 6 décembre 2006,
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