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"Turkey Beyond Nationalism " EDITED BY : Hans-Lukas Kieser

International Library of Twentieth Century History S. v. 8 Turkey Beyond Nationalism
- Towards Post-Nationalist Identities

EDITED BY : Hans-Lukas Kieser

Turkist Nationalism was a defining characteristic of Turkey in the 20th century. How did this affect its people and politics ? How will 21st-century Turks view themselves as their country moves beyond the nationalist ideology of Ataturk ? And what does membership of the EU mean for modern Turkey ? "Turkey Beyond Nationalism" explores the historical impact of nationalist thinking and examines the shifts which have created a political culture that harks beyond nationalism. Turkism was central to the foundation of the Republic in 1923. It evolved in many ways during the 20th century, but important assumptions about its nature have not been openly questioned. This book offers a clear analysis of modern Turkey’s relationship with nationalism, tracing its development from its founding period before the Young Turk Revolution of 1908 to the present day. The development of a liberal, multicultural society is particularly topical in view of Turkey’s membership of the EU, application to which has transformed the nationalist issue in Turkey in the last few years. By thoroughly investigating the nationalist fabric of modern Turkey in the first half of the 20th century, "Turkey Beyond Nationalism" casts a new light on the present challenges and demonstrates how Turkish history is also of importance to her European neighbours. This book is thus an important contribution to a vivid international debate.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS : Introduction (Hans-Lukas Kieser) Part I. Turkish nationalism : the ideological weight of the founding period (1905-1938) 1 Turkism : the real force of the Young Turk party (Mehmed S. Hanioglu) 2 An ethno-nationalist revolutionary and theorist of Kemalism : Dr Mahmut Esat Bozkurt 1892-1943 (Hans-Lukas Kieser). 3 Kemalism, westernization and anti-liberalism (Hamit Bozarslan). Part II. Turkish nationalism : the trauma of unitarist Turkification and social engineering 4 The settlement policy of the Committee of Union and Progress 1913-1918 (Fuat Dundar). 5 The politics of Turkification during the Single Party period (Rifat Bali). 6 Depriving non-Muslims of citizenship as part of the Turkification policy in the early years of the Turkish Republic : The case of Turkish Jews and its consequences during the Holocaust (Corinna Gorgu). 7 The exodus of Armenians from the Sanjak of Alexandretta in the 1930s (Berna Pekesen). 8 Turkish nationalism and the Donme (Marc Baer, University of California-Irvine). 9 Claiming difference in an unitarist frame : the case of the Alevis (Elise Massicard). Part III. The historiographical challenge 10 Defining the parameters of a post-nationalist Turkish historiography : going back to 1902 (Fatma Muge Gocek, University of Michigan). 11 Facing the responsibility of the Armenian genocide ? At the origins of a discourse that legitimizes mass violence. (Raymond H. Kevorkian, University of Paris III). Part IV. Turkey in motion : today’s transformations and post-national challenges 12 The social grammar of populist nationalism (Ebru Bulut). 13 Religion : nation-building instrument of the state or factor of civil society ? The AKP between state- and society-centered religious politics (Gunter Seufert). 14 Post-nationalist semiotics ? The emblem of the Justice and Development Party AKP (Beatrice Hendrich). 15 The urgency of post-nationalist perspectives : "Turkey for the Turks" or an open society ? On the Kurdish conflict (Gulistan Gurbey). Part V. Turkey in motion : the EU perspective 16 Turkey’s fragile EU perspectives since the 1960s (Eugen Krieger). 17 The non-Muslim minorities and reform in Turkey (Gabriel Goltz). 18 National identity, asylum and immigration : the EU as a vehicle of post-national transformation in Turkey (Kemal Kirisci).

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